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Masterfoam’s competence is increasingly focused on constructive packaging.  For instance, due to poor or insufficient shock-absorbing interior packaging, hundreds of millions Euros of damage arise annually.

Apart from the damage in material the sender also sustains a damage to her/his reputation. This negative impression might lead to loss of business.

Transport protection is completed by a further product range designed for suitcase linings and packaging for luxury goods:  A high-quality effect and surface feel is required to support the products’ luxury image. 

The varied requirements for packaging require a high competence in the interpretation!
A task for Masterfoam!

Good constructive packaging should
1. provide optimal protection for the goods to be transported
2. be developed, checked and documented
3. be constructed economically (design and selection of foam)  
4. be transported easily and require minimum storage space   
5. be simple, yet creative and innovative

PE-cushion packaging
Cushion packaging has the task to reduce the effects of blows during transportation and storage.
Depending on the fragility of the article to be protected, the quality and design of the foam are chosen and developed.
During this process, factors of fragility (G), component weight and drop height are  related to the characteristics  of the foam (top-level G).

Constructive solutions can help to distribute loads and thus increase efficiency.

Masterbox slide boxes
Corrugated slide boxes are proven and tested for packaging of shock-sensitive goods.  
Apart from the standard assortment, Masterfoam produces these slide boxes in tailor-made designs with non-standard dimensions, different profiling heights or specially chosen foams, for example in antistatic or permanently conductive versions.

Masterbox Deluxe
In this option the outer wrapping is integrated, minimising the need for additional internal items.  Please do not hesitate to ask a free typical sample!

Foam pads made of polyethylene

Integrate your cushion protection inside the box. The panels are glued into the packaging and protect your products minimising danger of items moving! 
We supply these pads in self-adhesive designs and in different dimensions and strengths – tailor-made.

Studded panels
Studded panels are flexible collision protection for products of any kind. The flexible polyurethane material adapts to any shape and is perfectly suited to provide cushioning in boxes and cartons. We deliver studded panels in different dimensions, knobbed structures, strengths and designs, you can also choose the self-adhesive option.

Luxury packaging
The products get more and more alike. It is he quality of the packaging that helps to differentiate the product and this will be even more important in the future.
Masterfoam develops individual packaging, which offers an ideal combination between aesthestics and protection of the product.
High consistency of colours and a variety of colouring together with fine structures lead to a high-quality impression. Whether milled, 3-dimensionally cut or subsequently flock coated, there is almost no limit to creativity. 

Internal logistics
The transport of delicate parts in the production process and along the value chain is a task requiring individually developed packaging. 
Masterfoam develops and produces for you:

• reusable packaging 
• internal packaging
• transport protection 
• retainers
• trays
• foam applications

Edge protection
With a standard range edge protection we can quickly design a low-cost transport protection solution.  

The pre-assembled profiles are tailored to size, perforated or provided with different adhesive options. That way, we are in a position to adjust them to the item which is to be packaged in accordance with your needs.
We are looking forward to send you a selection of our standard profile samples. 
For smaller quantites it is adequate to adapt the packaging individually.
We deliver a range of PE-foam panel goods with different protection levels – for customers, who wish to produce their own tailor-made packaging according to their special requirements.
We provide you with a sample card to choose the material.                     
We would be pleased to advise you regarding this matter!
Masterfoam stands for creative and tailor-made suitcase lining.
We manufacture high-quality materials, which highlight the impression and surface feel of the good to be packaged.

We use polyethylene foams and polyurethane foams in varying degrees of strength and different colours. 
They are cut, milled, glued or profiled – depending on the requirement in the technical specification.
Modern CAD stations establish individual, tailor-made packaging solutions.
We can quickly manufacture sample pieces using a plotter or a water-jet cutting machine for initial matches.
There are no tooling costs at this stage. In this way we can reach a permanent balanced solution in accordance with your requirements. 

Optimal packaging saves costs and increases  customer satisfaction.

We support you during this process by providing test results according to

- DIN EN 22248 vertical collision test
- DIN EN 22244 horizontal collision test
- DIN EN 22234 stacking test under static load

We would be pleased to carry out any additional testing you may require.  We work with reputable testing authorities  providing us with access to the latest knowledge and developments.