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Polishing discs

Masterfoam produces innovative polishing discs of high quality. These products are applied to recondition paints in ther construction of vehicles and boats. But they are also frequently applied in the industry in general.

Individual polishing discs are manufactured based on high-performance special foams.

State-of-the-art robot technology enables an almost unimited freedom of design during the making-up of new polishing disc series. Special velour materials of high quality are added with a special hot melt glue. The combination of robot technology during the product design and special adhesive technology is complemented by the possibility ot print on the discs. Apart from the ink-jet procedure we also offer the opportunity to individualise the discs with serigrapy or, to add a concise and optically appaling log to it, for example.

We also offer tailor-made solutions for the design of packaging. Whether in bulk, in carton in individual foil or in specific individual carton packaging – creativity has no limits here.

Due to the use of high-performance components, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and individual design via print and packaging Masterfoam is able to provide a competitive offer and is an important partner in this market.