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Water Jet-cutting

Masterfoam operates jet-cutting equipment for applications requiring high speeds and accuracy.

Many ways to apply this type of cutting technology do exist -  not only due to the types of material, which can be processed, but also due to the accuracy, which this technology can achieve.
Our machine cuts under high pressure. That means that we can cut materials varying from super soft to massive elastomers and plastic boards.  The maximum thickness is 100 mm here and the size of the board can amount to 2,000x1,600 mm.
An automatic optimisation of the production is integrated into the computer-controlled machine. This facilitates considerate potential to economise regarding the application of the material backed up by the fact that the cutting edges show no concave properties.
If you send us your drawing or another draft of any kind in pdf-format (e.g. by e-mail), we can supply you with products being directly cut with the jet-cutting machine based on these drawings.
Advantages: Minimum material input in case of complicated geometries, low setup and programming costs, no tooling costs, no transmission errors with the drawing and high speed, for instance during the manufacturing of first samples. Therefore, this technology is perfectly well suited to prototypes and one-off requests.