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Die Cutting

We apply six different techniques of blanking and choose the one, that best complies with your requirements.

The maximum dimension is around 198 cm x 100 cm.

Apart from blanking according to conventional technology on synthetic foundation, we also blank on steel foundations. The main advantage is that we are thus in the position to blank almost any material and components have a razor-sharp cutting edge. This is only possible if the machines work with extraordinary precision.

Apart from completely blanked products we are also in the position to manufacture components which are only punched (kiss cutting). The blanked goods remain on the carrier and can be easily removed and applied. If required, we remove the blank residue completely, even from the interior part of the product.  We offer kiss cutting both on coil and in  sheet format. 

Furthermore, it is possible to add a micro perforation, which makes the removal of the components from the coil easier and thus optimises the manufacturing process.