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Adhesive equipment

Masterfoam specialises in the application of self-adhesive to flexible materials. 

We use the following  types of technologies:


1. Dispersion glue

Our dispersion equipment produces a self-adhesive foil, which is especially suitable for the adhesion to polypropylene-moulded elements. Type and quantity of adhesive can be individually selected.  If required, we can include a felt to strengthen your product or to prevent  elongation.  We can also adjust the covering paper individually.


2. Hot Melt

Apart from dispersion glue we also offer hot-melt glue, which we mainly add to cotton and polyester felts in the form of tapes. This tape is mainly applied if the covering paper has to be removed easily and rapidly. 

We offer the laminated materials on coils, as cuts, but also as finished blank parts.


3. Transfer glue 

The use of transfer glue can be the right choice for special applications. We can stock popular types, for instance based on modified acrylic or on a rubber base with a high initial adhesive strength and/or high final strength.

We would be pleased  to help you choose the right kind of glue combined with the ideal adhesive technology.