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Cell rubber

Cell rubber has mainly a closed cell structure. The material is waterproof and gas proof, very elastic and ideally suited to sealing applications.

There are a variety of applications in buildings, ship construction, the automotive production industry, the chemical industry and in the production of electrical devices.  

The selection of the suitable cell rubber type is associated with the right elastomer basis.  Due to its wide range of positive properties EPDM is the most commonly used material.  It is resistant to hot water and steam as well as to  ozone, weather and age.

In case of a requirement for a necessary chemical resistence we offer CR-types, for an application in the area of oil, fuel and diesel we offer NBR-types. 

Cell rubber is produced in blocks and cut into the required original thickness. It is alternativly possible to obtain a rubber without a surface skin. We frequently add a self-adhesive layer.